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Customer Relationship management (CRM) plays a key part for growth of a business in today’s world. With the help of a well-organized Digital CRM system your business will mark an impression on your existing/potential customer’s mind. It can gain extra focus towards your business parting you from the rest of the business competition. Facilities like Own Database Management, Filter & Sorting, Group Creation, Transactional & Promotional Bulk SMS/Email sending, Event Creation and many more can be swiftly executed.  Depending on the CRM system you can plan and play with your offers, schemes, packages, services and lot more. New business ideas can take shape with practical benefits. A very unique effect of CRM is that it increase the most effective way of marketing, The Word of Mouth (Customer to Potential Customer) marketing.

  • CRMInventory Software
  • Bulk Sms Sending User Friendly
  • Group Creation Professional Tax & LWF State-wise
  • Increase Customer Repeatation Shifts & Assets Management
  • Birthday Anniversery Wish User Level Access
  • Festival Wish SMS intimation of Attendance & Salary
  • New Package & Offer Notification Integration with Biometric
  • Secure Customer Database Data Protection
  • Potential Customer Attraction MIS Reports


CRM lets you organize almost all your contact data and makes a healthy profitable utilization of those. Remember, just building a database is one thing and executing the utmost logical and beneficial use of that valuable data is a complete different level of activity.

You can create your own customized groups and send bulk SMS to those groups. So with this facility you don’t have to manually every time add the target customer one by one. Once a group is created you can run campaigns on those contacts as per your need. You can modify those groups whenever you want. This makes running different campaigns like Offers, Packages and Notifications very smooth and easy. 

The users can simply create & edit numerous templates and utilize them as per the occasion. Festivals, Birthdays, Anniversary wishing can be flexibly organized and executed  with this.

One of the real user friendly features of our system is while sending accurate date messages like Birthday & Anniversary wishes you don’t have to remember those days or manually send those messages. You can simply pre-organize the SMS calendar with accurate date and time in our CRM system. So the system automatically sends those SMSs to the target contacts regardless whether you are online or not.

As the user’s prime objective is to reach to their customers as much as possible, its vital to break any type of blockage on their phones. So a crucial feature of our system is to passively unlock whitelisting the customers from the CRM user’s Promotional SMS.

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