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"Backing up your PC is one of those things, like doing exercise every day or maintaining diet that every one of us knows we're supposed to do, but very few of us actually carry off well..." 

What if one day your hard disk crashes or a virus wipes out everything on your computer? Are you aware that in this case you will lose ALL your vital data? Don't wait for that to happen to you!

AVAIL OUR SBM SOLUTION and save your data which is more precious for any business houses.


SBM is file and folder synchronization software for Windows.

SBM uses innovative algorithms to synchronize your data between desktop PCs, laptops, USB drives, flash keys and more. SBM combines bulletproof reliability with an extremely easy-to-use interface.


SBM is a backup program for Windows that protects your data from partial or total loss. It automates the backup process saving you time.

SBM is compatible with the 32/64-bit editions of these operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Vista, XP.



These are the most important benefits that you get when choosing SBM. 

Save time by automating your Backups---
To ensure your data is safe simply schedule SBM to run backups automatically. You'll have an unattended backup solution in place and save precious time by not having to manually back-up your data.

Your data is safe with SBM----
It's a well-known fact that hard drives fail, only a matter of time until they do crash. Would your business survive if you would lose all your data? What about all those precious personal photos of your children growing up? If you start backing up your data with SBM you'll avoid such risks.

Free support for every user-----
All SBM users are entitled to free net support.

What if one day your hard drive crashes or a virus wipes out everything on your computer? Are you aware that in this case you will lose ALL your vital data? Don't wait for that to happen to you! 

  • SBMInventory Software
  • Smart Backup User Friendly
  • Intutive Interface Professional Tax & LWF State-wise
  • Highly Configurable Shifts & Assets Management
  • Synchronize User Level Access
  • Notifications SMS intimation of Attendance & Salary
  • Automatic Backups Integration with Biometric
  • Data Security Data Protection
  • Scheduled Backup MIS Reports


Using SBM you can make incremental backups. In this way you'll save lots of time because you don't have to copy all the files each time you want to update your backup; only new/modified/larger files would be copied. Prior to synchronization, SBM performs an analysis on files and folders and detect any kind of changes to any file/directory in the source. If a file is for example modified, removed, deleted, renamed in the source, SBM synchronizes the destination accordingly.

SBM has a user-friendly User Interface which helps you configure many options to your needs. Any layman with basic computer knowledge can easily use this software.

SBM has a powerful schedule engine which lets you schedule synchronization tasks on many different ways, minutely, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. SBM has many logging facilities which let you create detailed logs even per job.

SBM offers three backup types to choose from: Manual, Auto and Schedule. As per Selection it will act accordingly.

SBM uses the Mirror backup type creates by default an exact copy of files and folders selected as sources.

SBM shows messages when certain actions occur (i.e. when finishing a backup). These notifications can be shown in a pop-up window or be silently saved in the Messages panel.

Using SBM built-in scheduler you can define backup jobs that back up automatically your important files at specific Location.

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