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From bringing efficiency to performance & decision-making capabilities to productivity Payroll Software brings a lot to you. The best part is that all this happens through a very user-friendly interface & you never need to create a robust infrastructure or implement a hi-fi technology. We have simplified the way your payroll should works. 

Payroll Software is capable enough to provide employees’ complete details on a single screen with few clicks which replaces the need of looking into manual records. Payroll Software is fully capable of managing all the systems like Human Resources, Payroll Management, Compliance Management, tracking relevant information related to employee’s compensation & wages etc... effectively and efficiently. 

It is also equipped with facilities like leave & bonus management, user wise access rights, automatic salary computation, an intimation of salary & attendance through SMS, salary slip over mail etc.

  • PayRollInventory Software
  • HRD Modules User Friendly
  • Shift Management Professional Tax & LWF State-wise
  • Leave Management Shifts & Assets Management
  • MIS Reports User Level Access
  • Reimbursement Module SMS intimation of Attendance & Salary
  • User level access rights Integration with Biometric
  • Easy Payroll Management Data Protection
  • Attendence Management MIS Reports


Details related to company and company compliance as per Govt norms in HrXpert Payroll Software.

All details related to Employees like name, DOJ, DOB, Voter id, Passport details etc. can be maintained effectively in HrXpert Payroll Software.

All documents could be saved as scanned copy, like voter id, Address proof etc. Saving you to maintain separate hard-copy document file.

  • Biometric Integration - HrXpert can be integrated to any biometric system. Ex - eSSL, Real-time, and can be integrated to Biometric software via SQL, MS Access, Text or Excel
  • Excel Import - Attendance data can be imported via Excel in defined formats for Monthly or Daily basis attendance
  • Manual Attendance - Attendance details can be managed manually via Mis punch, Leave & Late coming validation.
  • Overtime, Shift management - Multiple shift/Roster and Overtime management is simple and more effective in HrXpert Payroll Software.

Multiple types of leave could be maintain as per company policies, like EL, CL, PL, SL in HrXpert Payroll Software. This will also help you to define the allotment, carry-forward, Lapse etc. automated or manual. Also can be defined the maximum leaves in an employee account.

HrXpert Payroll Software helps you for Various types of Salary structure as per company policies, like Fixed salary structure, Formula driven salary, Component vise provision of salary bifurcation, Fixed + Variable salary option, Daily wages salary provision etc.

Branch, Division, Department, Grade, Designation, Category, Grade creation, As per company structure

Salary payment mode and Bank master provision options for simple salary payments.

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 STM is a Multi-language, Editor Independent, Windows based, Complete, Regional Language Software solution. It is the most popular language platform for the Publisher Houses, Ad agencies and numerous Government & Non-Governmental Organizations.

           STM supports 5 languages like Bengali, Hindi, Assamese, Sanskrit and Marathi along with English. And with the STM platform turned on in your system, you can write in these languages in almost any Editor software like CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, PageMaker, Adobe Premier, Adobe Illustrator, Frame Maker, Freehand, MS Word, Quark Express etc. STM is compatible in any version of Windows OS from Windows-95 to Windows-10. So the user doesn’t need to depend on any other software for any kind of language assistance. That is why it can be called the true Complete Regional Language Software.

          There are numerous other unique features in STM which makes this the most user friendly and hastle free language writing environment.