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In today's world, everyone wants tasks to happen quick and easy. Much to the requests from the publishers and printing houses, the STM converter application is an invention from our organization which has immense utilization for saving both time and labour. 
This is a very simple and easy to use platform where you can easily convert the writings from other Unicode fonts (not suitable for printing) to STM fonts (Good looking and suitable for printing) just with click of button.

So with the help of the STM Converter software people can easily copy any Bengali content from the web and use them in their own works without having to re-write that. 

Same goes for the publishing and printing houses where different authors and associates type their writings in different platforms and send them in Unicode fonts. So to print them properly the publishers need to rewrite them in STM. But the days of hard toil has finally come to an end with help of STM Converter. 

For example – if you used finish typing a 200 page book from Unicode to STM in 7 days. Now you can complete the total work within 1-2 days depending on your efficiency. 

So you are saving 5-6 days of time, 5-6 days of intense labour. How is that for a gain? So if you calculate the value for money and productivity of this, you will surely be amazed.

  • Converter Inventory Software
  • Converter User Friendly
  • Converter Professional Tax & LWF State-wise
  • Converter Shifts & Assets Management
  • Converter User Level Access
  • Converter SMS intimation of Attendance & Salary
  • Converter Integration with Biometric
  • Converter Data Protection
  • Converter MIS Reports


Some Clients

Knowledge Resource Center Times Foundation Plutus Enterprise Samayik prasanga Typographia Roys Dot Com Byte Solutions Biocine Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd (Wave India) Avilasha publication ALL-IN-ONE 365 Publication Pvt.Ltd. Dindarpan Publication Pvt.Ltd.