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English / বাংলা

 STM is a Multi-language, Editor Independent, Windows based, Complete, Regional Language Software solution. It is the most popular language platform for the Publisher Houses, Ad agencies and numerous Government & Non-Governmental Organizations.

           STM supports 5 languages like Bengali, Hindi, Assamese, Sanskrit and Marathi along with English. And with the STM platform turned on in your system, you can write in these languages in almost any Editor software like CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, PageMaker, Adobe Premier, Adobe Illustrator, Frame Maker, Freehand, MS Word, Quark Express etc. STM is compatible in any version of Windows OS from Windows-95 to Windows-10. So the user doesn’t need to depend on any other software for any kind of language assistance. That is why it can be called the true Complete Regional Language Software.

          There are numerous other unique features in STM which makes this the most user friendly and hastle free language writing environment.

  • Swarno Type ManagerInventory Software
  • Rich Character Set User Friendly
  • Backward Compatibility Professional Tax & LWF State-wise
  • User Defined Keyboard Layout Shifts & Assets Management
  • Popular Keyboard Layout User Level Access
  • Auto Font Change SMS intimation of Attendance & Salary
  • Hot Key Assign Integration with Biometric
  • Visual Interactive Keyboard Data Protection
  • Hassle Free MIS Reports


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