Our Product
1.a.Swarna Type Manager: Computers were initially made by and for English. But now things have changed. People of non-English region also have understood the utility of computers, but are still unable to use it because language is becoming their hindrance. People came up with various solutions to face this problem. Though it was still a daunting task to write in their regional language. But there is no such problem, which cannot be solved by DEV INFOTECH, and we proudly present our product, which is the best for solving language hindrances, especially to meet the need of word-processing.

STM [Swarna Type Manager] is Indian multilingual interpreter software specially designed for the Press and Publishers. It is one of the best regional language interpreters available in India. It facilitates users to type in five different Indian Languages. These are Bengali, Hindi, Assamese, Sanskrit & Marathi, with a plenty of fonts to choose for your different need. And the most coveted part is the language interpreter for your keyboard for effortless typing. Though STM is the best yet efforts are being made to make this product better than the best so that typing becomes easier and faster.
STM Bangla Font Overview
1.b. Easy Wholesale is a complete spreadsheet software, which can handle all your account related jobs. This software is easy to learn and very useful. It is specially designed for wholesalers and distributors. From balance sheets to product stock handling all task can be done at ease and even by a naive.

1.c. Easy Print is another very useful software for keeping accounts of print related jobs. This software is specially designed for managing print cost along with keeping accounts. With a set of predefined cost settings one can easily lay on calculations in a jiffy by simply providing a few parameters, which one wants to figure on.
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