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  • Inventory Software
  • Rich Character Set User Friendly
  • Hot Key assign Professional Tax & LWF State-wise
  • Shifts & Assets Management
  • Virtual Keyboard User Level Access
  • Hot Key SMS intimation of Attendance & Salary
  • Auto Font change Integration with Biometric
  • User define Data Protection
  • Popular layout MIS Reports


With this software you can not only able to write all types of alphabets and joint words, but you can also type in some of the rare alphabetical formats (dice printed words) which are near extinctive.

STM can single handedly execute the works of 2 of the previous language software namely TopType & Monotype. So the user can easily Edit & Recompose all the works previously done in TopType or Monotype software, which you cannot do in any other software.

This language system supports 3 types of FontsTTF (True Type Font), PS (Post Script) & OTF (Open Type Font). That’s why with the STM environment the users can write in both Graphical & Multimedia software.

Our system eliminates the painful process of finding and changing the Fonts every time you shift from one language to another (Bengali/English/Hindi) while writing. It has got the technical proficiency to alter the writing language with just one Hot Key Press. As a result is saves a lot of time & patience of the user.

Along with our own Swarna Layout, many popular keyboard layouts are inbuilt in STM. So any user who does DTP works would easily find his previous practiced layout.

One of the star features of STM is the User Defined Keyboard Layout. It is a very advanced and amazing advantage. With this facility the user can define and create his own keyboard layout with the system. That means if a user wishes to type ‘’ with pressing ‘Q’ rather than ‘K’ on keyboard, he can easily setup that. So the user doesn’t have to learn a bunch of new processes or change his previous writing strokes. 

One of the best things about STM is that this software does not conflict with any other software. So you don’t have to face any issues while working with various software with this environment.  

Being a multi-language software STM looks after to its users so that they don’t have to face any confusion. For every language environment there is a different Icon showing at the bottom. 

There is an easy way to check which alphabets are embedded in which key press in any keyboard layout with turning on the Visual Interactive Keyboard. This feature is particularly very helpful for the new users.

Some Clients

Consumer Forum Calcutta University Jadavpur University Presidency University ABP group Times Of India Kolkata Corporation Deys Publication Saraswaty Press Limited RICE Missionaries of Charity Shyam Steel Keya Seth Adwitiya Magazine Karmakhetra Eskay Movies Shree Venkatesh Films Adamas World School Mayapur Iskon Temple Pathfinder StudentS Goods , Andaman Acropolise Entertement Pvt.Ltd , Mumbai Assam University , Silchar Bca_Kalpakkam , TamilNadu Vincentian Ashram, Kerala Station Director(Esd,All India Radio), New Delhi Digha Cyber Cafe Guskara Municipality, Burdwan D. M. Birbhum Election Section ADM(G) D. M. Office , Birbhum D.M. Bankura [WBREGS] C.P.I(M),Murshidabad District Committee Ranaghat College Haldibari Municipality The University Of Burdwan(Publication Unit) Purbastali Uttar (Bjp Party Office ) Ramakrishna Math,Kamarpukur Durbar Swechchasebi Bahini

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