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Pharma Retail Software


The retail stores in Pharma Industry is one of the busiest places in the business. 80% of the time in retail stores goes in billing process. And this works in sync with stocks and other resources.

Our provided Billing Software System is the proven best pharmaceutical software system in India with the industry best awards in its bag. With its uncountable unique and user friendly features and updates this is definitely the most accurate, efficient and smooth software system for Pharma Retail Stores. Our unlimited online complaint lodging system makes it easy for our customers to reach us. 

  • Pharma Retail SoftwareInventory Software
  • Bulk Sms Sending User Friendly
  • group creation Professional Tax & LWF State-wise
  • Increase Customer Repeatation Shifts & Assets Management
  • Birthday Anniversery Wish User Level Access
  • Festival Wish SMS intimation of Attendance & Salary
  • New Package & Offer Notification Integration with Biometric
  • Secure Customer Databsae Data Protection
  • Potential Customer Attraction MIS Reports


Ø  Control on Pilferage, Stocks, Expiry & Claims

Ø  Easy & Fast billing with Accuracy

Ø  Cross check of Purchase Rates, Disc. Deal & Cost

Ø  Online Sales Tax / NDPS / Drugs Reporting

Ø  Effective Purchase management to reduce costing

Ø  Regular patient Prescriptions & Reminders

Ø  Auto Order generation & Best suppliers planning

Ø  Auto Purchase feeding from Email / CD / Pending Order

Ø  Substitute / Salt / Location wise search

Ø  Zero Percent chance of Manual Mistake Best Relations with Patient & Doctors

Ø  Customers Satisfaction & Business Improvement

Ø  Integrated Accounting "PAPERLESS SHOP"

Ø  Easy & Fast Billing with minimum Enter Required

Ø  Salt / Substitute / Rack / Few Character wise search

Ø  Barcode/Strips Code/Item Code/Item Name wise Search

Ø  Sales in Strips & Tablets

Ø  Doctor / Patient / Sales Man / Operator wise Sales

Ø  Prescription Wise Sales & Pending Reminders

Ø  Cash, Credit, Panel wise Bill / Challan

Ø  Narcotics / Sch-Xindication to check Prescription

Ø  Indications, Doses, Side effects, Spl. Precautions etc

Ø  Attract Customers i.e., Card/Point System

Ø  Various type of Discounts & Schemes

Ø  Flexibility in Stock for Govt. Employees Bills

Ø  Reduce dose from 10 to 3 days if cash short in bill

Ø  Salable/Expiry Returns & its Adjustments

Ø  Multiple Series & Wholesale Billing Option

Ø  Expired Item Boundation & Near Expiry Indication

Ø  Loss/Margin Loss Indication

Ø  Multiple Customers Billing at same time on single PC

Ø  Salable/Expiry Returns & its Adjustments

Ø  Counter Sales & Challans for Loose Sales

Ø  Switch over from Sale to Purc. to Sale to anywhere

Ø  Family Group Option for Credit Sales

Ø  Credit Card Sales & Online Bank Status

Ø  Online Shortage for Unmaintained Stock

Ø  Pharmacy Billing can be attached with Hospital software

Ø  All India Network & Unlimited upgradations

Ø  Control on Pilferage, Stocks, Expiry & Claims

Ø  Over 6 lakh users & 750+ sales/support centers

Ø  Cross check of Purchase Rates, Disc. Deal & Cost

Ø  User friendly & scroll base

Ø  Easy to implement i.e. Minimum Training Requirement

Ø  Operator wise Log Book & Best software

Ø  Start your Billing from Day one

Ø  Latest Product Database

Ø  Accounts upto Balance Sheet with Zooming Facility

Ø  Invoices Export/Import, Any report in Excel

Ø  100% Accuracy & Data Reliability

Ø  Online Shortage Pad/Order to Supplier

Ø  Reorder Generation on Sale/Minimum/Manually/Today Sale/Zero Stock/Shortage Pad Bases for Particular Supplier & Auto Purchase Generation

Ø  Best supplier wise Order Printing & Auto Saving

Ø  Supplier wise companies & order planning

Ø  Day wise Supplier Ordering System

Ø  Supplier wise Order Limit

Ø  Last purchase deals of item at the time of Ordering

Ø  Centralized Order System for Pharmacy Chain Stores

Ø  Order through E-Mail/Fax/CD/Print Media

Ø  Benefit of Chemist Re-Order system - "No Need to feed Purchase Manually"

Ø  Auto purchase load from Order/Email/CD

Ø  Purchase as per Supplier Invoice

Ø  Display Last 4 Deals of Selected item to cross check Rate, Deal, Disc., Tax & Cost

Ø  Fix different Sales Rate on MRP/Purchase Rate/Margin bases

Ø  Cash/Credit Purchase

Ø  Supplier wise various outstanding reports & reminders

Ø  Pending Brk/Expiry, Dr/Cr & Replacement Notes

Ø  Stock adjustment add for without purchase

Ø  Easy option for Management to Cross Check Bills

Ø  Centralized Purchase System for Chemist Chain Stores

Ø  Arrow Sales option at the time of Purchase

Ø  Item not received in purchase can be shift to Pending Order

Ø  Accounting more easy than Tally

Ø  Financial Accounting up to Balance Sheet

Ø  Online Accounting with Zooming Facility

Ø  Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P&L on Tips

Ø  Arrow Cash and Fund Flow & Ratio Analysis

Ø  Bank Reconciliation & Interest Calculation

Ø  Bill Wise Suppliers Outstanding & Bank Summary

Ø  VAT Returns, Sales Tax Registers & Summaries

Ø  Columnar Register/Ledger Printing

Ø  Multi Ledger/Voucher/Dr/Cr Note printing

Ø  Merge Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P&L for Pharmacy Chain Stores

Ø  Cheque & Voucher Printing


Ø  Gross Profit reports on Day/Month/Item/Company/Bill & Supplier wise with zooming up to Bill

Ø  ABC Analysis, Fast & Slow Moving Items

Ø  Purchase, Sales & Stock Analysis

Ø  Suppliers wise Stocks, Dumping, and expiry & Valuation

Ø  Panel/Doctor/Patient/Supplier Wise Sales Reports

Ø  Bill not Printed/No. of Prints/Modification Track

Ø  Operator wise Log Book, Cash Collection & Sales Reports

Ø  Supplier Wise Companies List & Best Supplier Planning

Ø  Adjust Margins of Bills for personal sales

Ø  Pending Challans & Single Bill for Counter Sales

Ø  Product/Suppliers & Patient Queries

Ø  Doctor's Commission & Company wise Margins

Ø  Single User, Two User & Multi User

Ø  100% Data Security & Accuracy

Ø  Tried & tested (100 % error free)

Ø  Multi Currency, Unit, Godwon & Financial Years Facility

Ø  Calculator & Cash Return Adviser

Ø  Month Calendar with Appointment Diary & Note Pad

Ø  Suppliers, Customers & Personal Directory

Ø  Telephone Book, Envelope & Labels Printing

Ø  Hot Keys for switch over from one report to another

Ø  software / Operator / Company Passwords & Boundations

Ø  Data Security with Self Backup & Carbon Copy system

Ø  Sales/Purchase, Bank, Ledger & Data Freezing on any Date

Ø  Auto recovery of Bill for unsaved bill due to Power Off

Ø  Attached with Hospital software & work on their guidelines

Ø   Any Report Printing from anywhere

Ø  Narcotics / Category / Salt / Rack / Company / Supplier wise stock Reports in 1/2/3/4/5/6 Column

Ø  Near Expiry/Hold/Dump/Negative/New Rate stock with supplier details

Ø  Item/Batch Register for Salable Items

Ø  Expired/Breakage Stocks & Registers

Ø  Supplier wise Expired Items List

Ø  Narcotics/Schedule-X Items List & Registers

Ø  Bank Stock Statements & Summaries

Ø  Stock Valuation on Company/Category/Supplier/Narcotics

Ø  Near Expiry statements with Suppliers details

Ø  Near Expiry Stock can be auto transfer to Expired Stock

Ø  Near Expiry Stock can be auto transfer to Supplier

Ø  Supplier wise various stock reports

Ø  Merge Stock Reports for Chemist Chain Stores

Some Clients

Jamindar Medical Agency Bishnupriya New Life Medical Khalid Medico New Annapurna Medical P N Drug House The Blue Print, Esplanet Medicine Point, Dumdum Bishupriya Medical, Barasat Sebayan Medical, Bantala Gouri Shankar & Co., Barabazar S. N. Medico, Sonarpur

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