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Manufacturing Software

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Manufacturing Software


Manufacturing Software plays a key part for growth of a business in today’s world. With the help of a well-organized Digital CRM system your business will mark an impression on your existing/potential customer’s mind. It can gain extra focus towards your business parting you from the rest of the business competition.

Facilities like Own Database Management, Filter & Sorting, Group Creation, Transactional & Promotional Bulk SMS/Email sending, Event Creation and many more can be swiftly executed. 

Depending on the CRM system you can plan and play with your offers, schemes, packages, services and lot more. New business ideas can take shape with practical benefits. A very unique effect of CRM is that it increase the most effective way of marketing, The Word of Mouth (Customer to Potential Customer) marketing.

  • Manufacturing SoftwareInventory Software
  • Bulk Sms Sending User Friendly
  • group creation Professional Tax & LWF State-wise
  • Increase Customer Repeatation Shifts & Assets Management
  • Birthday Anniversery Wish User Level Access
  • Festival Wish SMS intimation of Attendance & Salary
  • New Package & Offer Notification Integration with Biometric
  • Secure Customer Databsae Data Protection
  • Potential Customer Attraction MIS Reports


Ø  Multi-Company / Multi-Financial Year

Ø  Pre-defined Masters for Instant Start

Ø  Multiple Voucher Series for each Voucher Type

Ø  User-definable Optional Fields in Masters / Vouchers

Ø  Voucher entry while viewing reports & vice-versa

Ø  Voucher Cancellation

Ø  Search / Sort / Filter / Group all Screen Reports

Ø  Reports Export (Plain File / HTML / PDF / MS-Excel)

Ø  Printing in Draft Mode (DOS-Like)

Ø  Drill Down from All Reports to Voucher Level

Ø  Print Preview

Ø  Graphs & Charts

Ø  User-Definable Shortcuts / Favourites Menu

Ø  Party Dashboard at the time of Voucher Feeding

Ø  Images / Notes in Account / Item Masters

Ø  Option to Change Labels & Captions in Data Entry Forms

Ø  User-definable Columns in Reports

Ø  Custom Validations in Masters / Vouchers

Ø  All Books of Accounts

Ø  Balance Sheet with various Schedules

Ø  Outstanding Reports - Bill-by-bill basis

Ø  Daily / Monthly Summaries of Accounts / Groups 

Ø  Printing of Bank Deposit Slip

Ø  Configurable Payment Reminder Letters 

Ø  Depreciation Chart (As per Co. Act / IT Act)

Ø  Ageing Analysis on FIFO Basis

Ø  Interest Calculation with Automatic Posting in Accounts 

Ø  Bank Re-conciliation

Ø  Columnar Accounts Registers (Configurable)

Ø  Handling of Post-dated Cheques (PDC)

Ø  Configurable Balance Sheet & Profit / Loss A/c 

Ø  Multi-Currency Accounting 

Ø  Cost Centres 

Ø  Broker-wise Reporting 

Ø  Royalty Calculation

Ø Sub-Ledgers

Ø  All books of Inventory

Ø  Stock Ledger

Ø  Stock Valuation on Multiple Methods

Ø  Multiple Material Centres

Ø  Daily / Monthly Summaries of Items / Item Groups

Ø  Item Critical Levels (Reorder / Minimum / Maximum)

Ø  Stock Ageing on FIFO Basis

Ø  Comparison - BUSY 17 (3 Editions) Sales / Purchase Return in Sales / Purchase Vouchers

Ø  Provision for FREE QTY in Inventory Vouchers

Ø  Primary, Alternate and Packaging Unit for each Item

Ø  Batch-wise Inventory with Mfg. / Expiry Date

Ø  Item Serial Number-wise Tracking

Ø  Parameterized Stock Maintenance (Size, Colour etc.)

Ø  Multiple Price-Lists for Items

Ø  Party-wise Price Structure for Items / Item Groups

Ø  Item-Qty-wise Price / Discount Slabs

Ø  Date-wise Item Pricing

Ø  BOM / Production Planning 

Ø  Production / Unassemble

Ø  Accounting in Pure Inventory Vouchers

Ø  Job work Management with Auto Posting in Accounts

Ø  Define Period-based Schemes (Date & Time)

Ø  Scheme on the Basis of Item / Item Group / Invoice Amount

Ø  Apply Price / Discount / Free Quantity on the Basis of Scheme

Ø  Sales / Purchase Qutotations

Ø  Sales / Purchase Order

Ø  Sales / Purchase Challan

Ø  Purchase Indent Management

Ø  VAT Invoicing (Tax / Retail)

Ø  Multiple Taxes in Single Invoice

Ø  Tax Inclusive / MRP Billing

Ø  Fully User-Configurable Invoicing

Ø  Mfg / Trading Excise Invoicing

Ø  POS Data Entry Screen for Fast Billing

Ø  Standard Document Printing

Ø  User-configurable Invoice / Documents / Letters

Ø  User-configurable Accounting Vouchers

Ø  VAT / GST Summary

Ø  Party-wise VAT / CST / GST Summary

Ø  Item-wise VAT / CST / GST Summary

Ø  ST Forms Receibavle / Issuable

Ø  ST Forms Reminder Letters (Configurable)

Ø  Sale-in-Transit Register

Ø  VAT Returns (State-specific)

Ø  VAT e-Returns (State-specific)

Ø  VAT Registers (State-specific)

Ø  Columnar VAT Registers (Configurable)

Ø  GST Returns

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