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Salon and Spa Software plays a key part for growth of a business in today’s world. With the help of a well-organized Digital CRM system your business will mark an impression on your existing/potential customer’s mind.

It can gain extra focus towards your business parting you from the rest of the business competition. Facilities like Own Database Management, Filter & Sorting, Group Creation, Transactional & Promotional Bulk SMS/Email sending, Event Creation and many more can be swiftly executed. 

Depending on the CRM system you can plan and play with your offers, schemes, packages, services and lot more. New business ideas can take shape with practical benefits. A very unique effect of CRM is that it increase the most effective way of marketing, The Word of Mouth (Customer to Potential Customer) marketing.

  • Salon & Spa SoftwareInventory Software
  • Bulk Sms Sending User Friendly
  • group creation Professional Tax & LWF State-wise
  • Increase Customer Repeatation Shifts & Assets Management
  • Birthday Anniversery Wish User Level Access
  • Festival Wish SMS intimation of Attendance & Salary
  • New Package & Offer Notification Integration with Biometric
  • Secure Customer Databsae Data Protection
  • Potential Customer Attraction MIS Reports


Our software has the most swift and flexible coloured appointment booking system. The appointments can be fixed with the details of date, time, chair, staff and durations etc. The fun part about it that later these appointments can be easily modified according to the customer’s need. 

Our system provides the wallet payment facility, which is helpful to both the business houses and their customers. In that case the payment process gets very easy. Once the customers recharge an amount to their wallet they don’t have to pay with cash/card/credit every time they take a service. With every service the certain amount gets deducted from his virtual wallet in your organization. This facility also ensures the repetition of those customers in your organization as well as enables them to facilitate a service of yours to another person through their wallet balance.

You can easily customize your service schemes, packages, and rates. You can also run loyalty programs for your existing customers which gains attractions and passively generate genuine “Word of Mouth” publicity. 

The system has a customer feedback facility which not only stores those feedbacks but also auto analyse them in a productive way and generates accurate diagram/graphs which indicates you on the areas of your business which you need to improve or what is the thing about your business that they like more.

You can keep track of the internal workflows and sales efficiency through this system. And these statistics aren’t just boring numbers, they appear in a much more visually applicable way.

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