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About Us

DEV INFOTECH is one of the leading IT companies in West Bengal which works in all the sectors where people need any kind of IT Solutions. Serving over 12000+ customers across India. We have gained a trusted brand value and popularity as a One Stop Business Solution over the years. The prime aspect of our work culture is to provide customers with their needed solutions and achieve our goals through team work and integral harmony.

The core businesses of the company are:

♦ STM (Swarno Type Manager) –A Software for Press, Publishers & DTP Operators

♦ Easy Accounting and GST Software for Whole Sale Distributor & Retailers

♦ Web Designing and Hosting

♦ Customized Web Based Applications

♦ E-business Solutions

♦ Customer Relationship Management


Having been a One Stop Business Solution house, we deal with various types of products and services according to the need of our clients.

With business software solution, we work in collaboration with India’s best and award winning ERP softwares like MARG, Busy, GoFrugal etc. Softwares which give maximum features and benefits with ease of working.

From the early days of the company, we emphasised on the subject of providing full writing solution in regional languages. With Bengali as the prime language, we also integrated other languages like Hindi, Marathi, Assamese and Sanskrit. We can proudly say that our organization took the responsibility of creating new fonts for those languages which turned to be a blissful surprise for all the writers and composers across the region.

Building and maintaining customized websites for people and their businesses is one of the prime tasks of our organization. Over the years there have been 600+ websites created by us to satisfy the requirements of our clients. From small businesses to government organizations, from educational institutes to hotels & restaurants, the variety of our client list goes on.

We take Customer Relationship Management seriously, and we help business houses to develop their relationship with their customers through various advanced and innovative way. Depending on the planning and budget of the clients the range of CRM solutions varies which actually works as a passive digital promotion and marketing campaign to attract and retain customers.

History, Expansion, and Growth

Dev InfoTech has started its journey in 2005 with its product, Swarno Type Manager, an Indian multilingual interpreter software specially designed for the Press and Publishers, which itself became a brand in the Software Industry. This product became so popular, that now it is being used all over India. Gradually we began to venture into building other categories of software like Billing Software, Institute Software, and several other industry based Customized Software.

We also started our web cell to create tailor made websites for our clients to give them a proper online presence and help them bulid a brand for their business.

With the time, we have transformed through continuous advancements and changes. Over the last few years, we have associated with some of the best ERP and Business Softwares in India like MARG, BUSY, GoFrugal etc. In this way we help people and their businesses get quick and complete digital solutions.

Talking about advancements, we are doing continuous research and innovating new ideas for businesses to reach to more people and expand. Various solutions to enhance Customer Relation Management is a new horizon we have already worked on.

With 15000+ happy customers, 35+ Dev Infotech family members, 150+ regional partners, we are still growing as an organization and sky is the limit.



Our objective is to develop and utilize innovative and creative products, services and concepts providing total communication and information solutions to individuals and organizations.


Present Competitive landscape sizzles with innovation, change and big dreams. True success has dawned in life because of ‘Men Who Have Dared to Dream’ and the pool of innovative professionals who dedicate themselves for the fulfilling of those dreams of theirs as well as others. Dev Infotech is one such ‘Dream Manifestation Vehicle’ that’s committed to provide next generation software solution to the ‘World of Tomorrow’, with its committed bunch of ‘intelligent professionals’ soaked in the milieu of corporate values.


Dev Infotech has been an active player in IT solutions. It has built up a knowledge base that encompasses a wide range of business and other domains. Some of the areas wherein Dev Infotech has worked very closely include:

Business Application-

  • Language Software STM (Swarno Type Manager) > MLM Software

  • Others customized software

Web Solution-

  • Corporate website develops & design

  • Web business application develop & design

  • E-business develop & design

  • On line shopping cart

IT Training-

  • Basic computer training for Govt. Organization

  • Specialized software training for department Management Training-

  • Basic knowledge of management

Management skill development > Office administration > Information knowledge management > MIS.s Heavy Machinery Supply- >On-line UPS

Why Us:-

Client Focus: We listen to our clients and attempt to understand our client’s objectives and needs and try to solve them at ease.

On Time Delivery: Thanks to our experience, our talented programmers, testing tools, and effective project management, we can implement and deliver your projects on time.

Our People: The quality and passion of our people sets us apart. We hire and retain only the highest quality people who fit with our open and client focused culture and values. Our people are committed to our client’s projects and their growth.

Honesty: We build lasting relationships with our clients, employees, and partners through open and honest communications. We earn trust and respect through integrity in all our actions.

Confidentiality: We guarantee a high degree of confidentiality and security in every project. All clients’ information remains strictly confidential. Dev Infotech will never sell or disclose any client information under any unauthorized circumstances.

Continuous Improvement: We continually evaluate our own processes and methodologies and keep on having regular training in key development technologies, software engineering practices, management methods, R & D on new technology products which keeps our team updated in meeting development challenges.We have spread our wings to the various fields of IT Industry.


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 STM is a Multi-language, Editor Independent, Windows based, Complete, Regional Language Software solution. It is the most popular language platform for the Publisher Houses, Ad agencies and numerous Government & Non-Governmental Organizations.

           STM supports 5 languages like Bengali, Hindi, Assamese, Sanskrit and Marathi along with English. And with the STM platform turned on in your system, you can write in these languages in almost any Editor software like CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, PageMaker, Adobe Premier, Adobe Illustrator, Frame Maker, Freehand, MS Word, Quark Express etc. STM is compatible in any version of Windows OS from Windows-XP to Windows-10. So the user doesn’t need to depend on any other software for any kind of language assistance. That is why it can be called the true Complete Regional Language Software.

          There are numerous other unique features in STM which makes this the most user friendly and hastle free language writing environment.