About us
Dev InfoTech has started its journey in 2005 with its product, Swarno Type Manager, an Indian multilingual interpreter software specially designed for the Press and Publishers,that became the milestone of Indian Software Industry. This product became so popular, that now it is being used all over India. In this very short period of time, Dev InfoTech has build up its root for success and now the tree of success will also grow strong and big enough to give shelter to all the needy people in India within few years.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to develop world class, cost effective IT solutions and deliver them to our clients through motivated workforce, so that we can satisfy all the needs of our clients, and that they cannot find any other IT company that could have done their job better.

Dev InfoTech is a diversified software service provider headquartered in India. We offer high quality offshore and onsite software services to the software development companies and end users on a broad range of hardware and software platforms and leading technologies. Dev InfoTech's technology solutions and software product offerings are for building business, financial, manufacturing, telecom and e-business applications.
Unlike other IT companies, our objective is not just profit making, but client satisfaction. The present status exalts the reverent rivals for good. Stalling surroundings could not even bar, for the goal we set for us and we rivet on. We know how to change the world along. We are making strides for surmounting the verge of scope we see. And we will be on the top of the list by the five years timetable. Yes, we have big dreams, and also the capability to fulfill them.
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